When you buy a license for Tubulator, you’re receiving a license key, which is bound to your email address. We’re storing both your email address and the license key, so that you will be able to retrieve it at a later time if you forget it. This functionality is available at -> Resend License Key. Our payment processor is PayPal. We do not store any payment data apart from the price and a reference to the PayPal payment ID. We’re using this ID simply to reference the payment in question. We use cookies for visitor statistics purposes. We are storing the IP address and user agent string when you download the application from our website. We use this information for statistics; and are only using the IP address to differentiate between downloading users. We cannot use the IP address to identify you as a person – and have no interest in attempting it. When you send us an email or user our contact form, we’re storing the email for future reference. It is usually convenient for all parts when a previous discussion can be referenced. You’re welcome to request that this data will be deleted from our database, as long as you understand that we may no longer be able to help you recovering your license key, or reference past communication. Should you need to contact us in this regard, please use the contact form at The entity responsible for the data collected is Faroe Software Co. Ltd., who can be contacted directly at contact [at] faroesoftware [dot] com