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Version history

1.1.4, May 3 2020
  • Fixed bug which masked itself as Tubulator seemingly trying to connect, but never getting any response. Also fixed actually showing the bug instead of just “Connecting…”
1.1.3, April 12 2020
  • Massively improved UI responsiveness in Downloads pane when selecting/deselecting items. This was very sluggish when the number of items were in the 100+ range.
  • Download pane now shows complete source domain name (for example instead of just Youtube)
  • Improved support for m3u8 segments
  • Limited file names to 255 characters, as this was causing problems in some cases.
  • Adjusted part timeout as this proved too short for slow downloads. In addition, the part download timeout was never caught, which would make some downloads seemingly continue forever.
  • History/bookmarks: Added text filter and column sorting.
1.1.2, January 13 2020
  • Introduced Generic Service plugin, which allows to download (but not browse) from virtually any publicly available web page with audio or video.
  • Got rid of QWebEngine, which bloated the app enormously. This reduces the app size with more than 270%(!) at most, and also decreases the memory footprint and launch time.
  • More descriptive error messages instead of “Could not parse helper response” in cases of blocked or removed videos.
  • Mac version: Sparkle updates now supported. This means that the application can be updated from within the running application. This feature is coming to the Windows version soon.
  • Support for bookmarklet (which is coming soon)
  • Many small improvements and fixes
October 25 2019
  • Fixed notarization issues for macOS 10.14.6 Mojave and 10.15 Catalina. These OS versions would previously claim that the app could not be verified by Apple.
1.1.1 build 110, October 14 2019
  • Fixed a possible stall problem
1.1.1, September 27 2019
  • Fixed problem where downloads would stall. In some cases this problem would persist until application relaunch.
  • Fixed problem downloading certain type of files
  • Preferences: Added “Audio conversion option”, where you can choose to always convert to the selected audio format, or to keep the audio if it’s already AAC (M4A) or Vorbis. By skipping conversion in those cases, conversion quality loss can be avoided.
  • Downloads, download item: “Download Format” changed to “Download Type” (Audio/Video), since we can’t always be sure what format is being picked in the end.
1.1.0, September 5 2019
  • Bandwidth selector is removed until further notice. Not sure if anyone is even using it?
  • Upgrade to Qt 5.12.2. This does unfurtunately mean a MUCH larger application due to the transition from QWebKit to QWebEngine and a few new bugs I’ve trying to work my way around. Fortunately, it also means that some older Qt bugs now has been fixed on the MacOS platform.
  • Small UI adjustments here and there, most due to Qt upgrade.
  • This version introduces the integration with an external download helper, which is automatically downloaded. The download helper is the (to some) well known youtube_dl tool, packaged with a standalone version of Python.
  • Fixed row selection issues in Bookmarks and History
  • History date format fixed for dates more than a year ago
  • Playlists are visible again if available
  • Increased amount of pixels scrolled when using scroll wheel
  • Fixed conversion timeout for long media
  • Preferences: Default download format was always set to Video when opening the dialog. Fixed.
  • Preferences: “Delete original files when added to iTunes library” checkbox now works as expected
  • Changed most controls to flat design
  • Numerous other fixes and improvements
  • Windows version: Fixed right click problems in browser
  • Fixed YouTube compatibility issue which could not be fixed in plugin alone.
  • Fixed YouTube compatibility issue which could not be fixed in plugin alone.
  • Fixed wrong message in some cases where video not availble
  • Fixed missing thumbnails in download list in some cases (SSL protocol errors)
  • Upgraded to YouTube API V3. Due to the nature of the new API, this unfortunately means slower page loads because more requests are needed.
  • Added login access for YouTube (adult content now supported). Access is supported via a saved cookie. No password is saved.
  • Fixed crash-proneness when removing items from download queue/changing download rate/quitting application (caused by a stupid typo)
  • Fixed bug when removing download queue item by right clicking (item persisting on relaunch)
  • All items can now be removed from download queue regardless of state
  • Added media format/preferred media size/download rate selectors in status bar (same controls as in Preferences/Options)
  • Occasionally “hanging” downloads should now be properly aborted when appropriate
  • Download queue thumbnails are now cached
  • Fixed skewing of thumbnails
  • Removed code accidentally triggering active corners on Mac OS (workaround for a bug that seems to be fixed in the framework used)
  • Fixed bug where URL of opened tab shows in current tab’s address field
  • Improved Mac OS 10.10 compatibility
  • Improved consistent download speed
  • Fixed potential crash at startup when many (1000+) downloads in download pane (possibly due to v. 1.0.3 not showing download history)
  • Mac OS: Don’t show icon in menu bar when system notification is shown
  • Fixed wrong link transformation when HTML in media/user descriptions
  • Clicking links in media/user descriptions now correctly opens in web browser – Potential problem fixed when downloading media when no concersion is necessary
  • Fixed crash caused by third party library
  • Fixed UI unresponsiveness when joining longer YouTube files
  • Search result tabs can now be ordered (drag tabs to reorder)
  • Fixed corrupt downloads in certain cases (missing audio/video from random spots in media file)
  • Regression fixed: Download queue continues after finished download (not just after conversion)
  • Audio and/or popup notification on finished download queue (Growl necessary for Mac OS 10.7 and earlier to show notifications)
  • Mac version: Fixed slow background downloads on Mavericks caused by AppNap power saving feature
  • Fixed missing youtube redirect in some geographical regions which caused downloads to fail
  • Fix: If clipboard contains supported URL at startup, the URL is loaded automatically
  • Stability improvements
  • Support for audio only services ( plugin added in this version)
  • Fixed various download queue problems
  • More reliable pause/resume
  • Massively improved download speed when not limiting bandwidth
  • Now shortly pausing downloads when browsing to improve page load times
  • Improved compatibility with Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite (now using Qt 5.3.1)
  • Fix: Removing downloads from download list now effectively stops all downloads
  • Stability issues addressed (introduced in last version, which had major changes)
  • Limited height on thumbnails in media detail view
  • Support for segmented media ( among others)
  • iTunes integration: Missing artist fixed
  • Fixed failed conversion in some cases on Windows (FFmpeg incompatible)
  • Fixed problem limiting number of simultaneous downloads
  • Settings for dding media to iTunes library are now obeyed
  • Checked searchable services are now remembered at application relaunch
  • Improved download success ratio; automatic retry
  • Fixed download resume after crash/power outage/force quit, which previously could render a media file corrupt
  • Fixed encoding of search parameters
  • Fixed missing status icon of previous downloads in thumbnail view
  • Fixed missing Cancelled state overlay icon
  • Downloads list: Clicking on cleanup button now leaves downloads with errors
  • More domains and URL formats added to YouTube service
  • Search URLs now supported
  • Fixed double loading of feeds (results in slight speed improvement when loading pages)
  • Plugin update checks now done in background at each launch
  • Changed trial period to 14 days
  • Corrected problem in WIndows version where Vimeo could not be reached in certain cases (HTTPS related)
1.0 final:
  • Fixed problem with Vimeo in Windows version (missing SSL DLLs)
  • Added conversion to WMV and DivX
  • A few UI fixes
  • Fixed confusion in preferences pane when download directory did not exist
  • Download directory is now created at startup (as well as detected/auto created when downloading)
1.0 Beta Build 1501:
  • Fixed problems with resuming downloads at startup (crashes among other issues)
  • Fixed complaint about wrong license code when closing sevice update window (Tubulator 2 does not yet require a license key!)
1.0 Beta Build 1500:
  • Got rid of the last YouTube specific code, ie. the last step to full service generalization
  • Added proof-of-concept Vimeo plugin (adding new services should be a breeze now – sort of)
  • It is now possible to search multiple services at once
  • UI changes here and there
1.0 Beta Build 1401:
  • Fixed: New users could not download media services.
1.0 Beta Build 1400:
  • Stability improved, especially on Mac OS 10.6
  • Thumbnail load time improved
  • Fixed bug where a non-english system language would give problems downloading
  • Fixed compatibility issues with YouTube, where some videos would not download
  • UI fixes / improvements
  • Mac version: The application is now signed with an Apple developer ID, which means the application will run with normal security settings
1.0 Beta Build 1300:
  • Fix issue with crash when tabs closed and opened under certain circumstances
  • Fixed compiler warnings
1.0 Beta Build 1200:
  • Some stability issues fixed
  • Added unified toolbar on Mac
  • Preferences icons given some love
  • Hanging context menu fixed
  • Now showing correct context menu when right clicking on uploader user name
  • Added “Feedback” menu item in order to send suggestions/bug reports via email