Download Tubulator version 1.0.9

Version history


  • Fixed YouTube compatibility issue which could not be fixed in plugin alone.

  • Fixed YouTube compatibility issue which could not be fixed in plugin alone.
  • Fixed wrong message in some cases where video not availble
  • Fixed missing thumbnails in download list in some cases (SSL protocol errors)

  • Upgraded to YouTube API V3. Due to the nature of the new API, this unfortunately means slower page loads because more requests are needed.
  • Added login access for YouTube (adult content now supported). Access is supported via a saved cookie. No password is saved.

  • Fixed crash-proneness when removing items from download queue/changing download rate/quitting application (caused by a stupid typo)
  • Fixed bug when removing download queue item by right clicking (item persisting on relaunch)
  • All items can now be removed from download queue regardless of state
  • Added media format/preferred media size/download rate selectors in status bar (same controls as in Preferences/Options)
  • Occasionally “hanging” downloads should now be properly aborted when appropriate
  • Download queue thumbnails are now cached
  • Fixed skewing of thumbnails
  • Removed code accidently triggering active corners on Mac OS (workaround for a bug that seems to be fixed in the framework used)
  • Fixed bug where URL of opened tab shows in current tab’s address field
  • Improved Mac OS 10.10 compatibility
  • Improved consistent download speed

  • Fixed potential crash at startup when many (1000+) downloads in download pane (possibly due to v. 1.0.3 not showing download history)
  • Mac OS: Don’t show icon in menu bar when system notification is shown
  • Fixed wrong link transformation when HTML in media/user descriptions
  • Clicking links in media/user descriptions now correctly opens in web browser – Potential problem fixed when downloading media when no concersion is necessary

  • Fixed crash caused by third party library
  • Fixed UI unresponsiveness when joining longer YouTube files
  • Search result tabs can now be ordered (drag tabs to reorder)
  • Fixed corrupt downloads in certain cases (missing audio/video from random spots in media file)
  • Regression fixed: Download queue continues after finished download (not just after conversion)
  • Audio and/or popup notification on finished download queue (Growl necessary for Mac OS 10.7 and earlier to show notifications)

  • Mac version: Fixed slow background downloads on Mavericks caused by AppNap power saving feature
  • Fixed missing youtube redirect in some geographical regions which caused downloads to fail
  • Fix: If clipboard contains supported URL at startup, the URL is loaded automatically
  • Stability improvements
  • Support for audio only services ( plugin added in this version)
  • Fixed various download queue problems
  • More reliable pause/resume
  • Massively improved download speed when not limiting bandwidth
  • Now shortly pausing downloads when browsing to improve page load times
  • Improved compatibility with Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite (now using Qt 5.3.1)
  • Fix: Removing downloads from download list now effectively stops all downloads

  • Stability issues addressed (introduced in last version, which had major changes)
  • Limited height on thumbnails in media detail view
  • Support for segmented media ( among others)
  • iTunes integration: Missing artist fixed
  • Fixed failed conversion in some cases on Windows (FFmpeg incompatible)

  • Fixed problem limiting number of simultaneous downloads
  • Settings for dding media to iTunes library are now obeyed
  • Checked searchable services are now remembered at application relaunch
  • Improved download success ratio; automatic retry
  • Fixed download resume after crash/power outage/force quit, which previously could render a media file corrupt
  • Fixed encoding of search parameters
  • Fixed missing status icon of previous downloads in thumbnail view
  • Fixed missing Cancelled state overlay icon
  • Downloads list: Clicking on cleanup button now leaves downloads with errors
  • More domains and URL formats added to YouTube service
  • Search URLs now supported
  • Fixed double loading of feeds (results in slight speed improvement when loading pages)
  • Plugin update checks now done in background at each launch
  • Changed trial period to 14 days
  • Corrected problem in WIndows version where Vimeo could not be reached in certain cases (HTTPS related)
1.0 final:

  • Fixed problem with Vimeo in Windows version (missing SSL DLLs)
  • Added conversion to WMV and DivX
  • A few UI fixes
  • Fixed confusion in preferences pane when download directory did not exist
  • Download directory is now created at startup (as well as detected/auto created when downloading)
1.0 Beta Build 1501:

  • Fixed problems with resuming downloads at startup (crashes among other issues)
  • Fixed complaint about wrong license code when closing sevice update window (Tubulator 2 does not yet require a license key!)
1.0 Beta Build 1500:

  • Got rid of the last YouTube specific code, ie. the last step to full service generalization
  • Added proof-of-concept Vimeo plugin (adding new services should be a breeze now – sort of)
  • It is now possible to search multiple services at once
  • UI changes here and there
1.0 Beta Build 1401:

  • Fixed: New users could not download media services.
1.0 Beta Build 1400:

  • Stability improved, especially on Mac OS 10.6
  • Thumbnail load time improved
  • Fixed bug where a non-english system language would give problems downloading
  • Fixed compatibility issues with YouTube, where some videos would not download
  • UI fixes / improvements
  • Mac version: The application is now signed with an Apple developer ID, which means the application will run with normal security settings
1.0 Beta Build 1300:

  • Fix issue with crash when tabs closed and opened under certain circumstances
  • Fixed compiler warnings
1.0 Beta Build 1200:

  • Some stability issues fixed
  • Added unified toolbar on Mac
  • Preferences icons given some love
  • Hanging context menu fixed
  • Now showing correct context menu when right clicking on uploader user name
  • Added “Feedback” menu item in order to send suggestions/bug reports via email