Tubulator 2 Documentation (Draft 1)

Tubulator 2 Version 1.1.4, September 2020


Tubulator 2 is a combined browser and download tool intended to download video and audio from services like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and SoundCloud. The software is very simple to use. Currently Tubulator is available for Windows and MacOS desktop versions. Here’s a couple of hightlights of things that Tubulator can do:
  • Download video from virtually any website
  • Download and extract audio/music from supported video tracks
  • Search and browse user uploads, favorites, playlists, show media details and related/suggested media from supported websites
  • Batch download – download entire upload lists or playlists with one button
  • Plugin based. You don’t need to download the entire application evey time a service changes. Plugin updates are done automatically.
  • iTunes support. Audio files can be added to an iTunes playlist automatically.

Starting the application for the first time

When you start Tubulator for the first time, it will automatically download available plugins. This will only take a few seconds. Each plugin adds functionality for a service like for example YouTube. Just press OK when done. Tubulator service plugins download - Soundcloud, DailyMotion, Vimeo, YouTube Next, Tubulator has set up a few default settings for you. The most important may be the download location. The default download location is a folder called “Tubulator Downloads” created in your home folder. If you’re not happy with the default settings, click on the “Open Preferences” button to change. Tubulator first launch default settings  

You’re all set!

Tubulator is now ready to use. Just like in a web browser, you may enter the web address (also called URL) in the input field, followed by pressing the Enter key on your keyboard. If the URL is supported, the content of the URL will be shown in the Tubulator. Normally you would probably paste a URL copied from your web browser. You may also simply enter a search term. Tubulator will show the search results. Several “views” are supported – for example, you may directly paste the URL of a YouTube user’s uploads, and said uploads will be shown. Depending on the service in question, the following views are supported:
  • Search results
  • User uploads
  • User playlists
  • User favorites
  • Media details with suggestions/related media

More about the different views later. Here’s a couple of examples:
Youtube video detail view
A YouTube Ted Talks video with the URL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXcFEhl7ynM YouTube Ted Talks channel
Search results for the keywords “italian lessons” – here showing YouTube results. Results for other services are available in adjacent tabs. Search results for italian lessons on YouTube  


If you hold your mouse over any of the thumbnail images, a download icon appears. Example: Download icon for italian lessons on YouTube Click on the icon to start downloading. If you have selected video as your default download type, you are now downloading the video. If you have chosen audio as your default download type, you will download and extract the audio part of the video only. Download icon for italian lessons on YouTube  

Locating your downloaded files

When a download is finished, you may find it in the selected download location set in your Preferences. There’s a couple of shortcuts getting there from within the application: Right click on the thumbnail of the finished download, and select “Show downloaded file”: Download finished for italian lessons on YouTube …or, in the Downloads pane, right click on the finished download, and select “Show downloaded file”: Show downloaded file for italian lessons on YouTube  

Downloading audio only

Most of the services available offer only videos. If you wish, you can extract the audio portion only from for example a music video. There’s a couple of ways you can do this:
  • Right click on a video thumbnail. A popup menu appears. Select “Download as audio”. Your video will be downloaded as audio right away.
  • If you expect to download several videos as audio, you may want to change the default download type. This can easily be done in the bottom of the application window:
Tubulator download as audio default By default, extracted audio is converted into MP3 files.  

Navigating and browsing

Much like your web browser, Tubulator allows you to browse content by clicking on links. The names of videos and channels are links. Clicking on a video link takes you to the detail view of a video. Clicking on a channel link takes you to the channel detail view, which also shows related videos. Furthermore, all links are right-clicable, giving you even more options: Right click on channel: Right click on Youtube channel Right click on playlist: Right click on Youtube playlist  

Tubulator 2 is shareware

Tubulator is shareware. It has a 14 day free trial period with full functionality. After the trial period, the functionality is limited, although you may still use it. Purchasing a license key will give you back the full functionality. A license key can be purchased on the Tubulator website. A license currently costs USD $12.95.  

To be continued…

Stay tuned.