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Tubulator 2 License

US$ 12.95 /mo
Tubulator 2 is shareware. The 14 day trial lets you use the application with no limitations. When the trial expires, you are still able to use the application, except with certain limitations. When the trial period is over, you are encouraged to purchase a license, which will give you back the full functionality. Tubulator 2 is the result of countless hours of work, and purchasing a license will support further development. A license is valid for all versions of Tubulator 2. You may use the license on any of your computers, although only one instance of the application may be active at a time. A purchased license key can be used on both Mac and Windows versions.

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You will recieve a license key via email after payment. This usually happens within minutes. The email will contain instructions on how to enter your license key. If you have any questions, please contact use the contact form on the Support page.
What users say
LOVE the Tubulator app! I’ve been using it since 2013 and can’t live without it. If you want to download videos from the big sites like Youtube, SoundCloud, Vimeo and DailyMotion, I recommend this app. Far too many online videos are being censored or removed within days of releases, never to be found again. I download News videos frequently and archive them on an external drive for viewing without commercials, and without worrying if my bandwidth is working during peak viewing hours. I normally download 10-20 News videos per day in the background while working, and then at lunch and dinner watch the News without any lost time or lost videos. I’ve had great support from Jan the developer who has fixed Youtube issues, when Youtube changed their delivery format a couple of times. Here’s a quality driven developer worth far more than the $12.95 fee for the app. It’s worth at least 10 times more, just for the quick and easy automated download queing feature. I recommend TUBULATOR to all my friends and give TUBULATOR a 5 STAR RATING out of 5 STARS. Once you try it, you’ll use it all the time! JP @ The World of Code Marketing, Advertising, & Web Developer theworldofcode.com
JP @ The World of Code