Final release approaching – Vimeo plugin working

Finally got around doing the last changes in the application and getting work done on the Vimeo plugin. There’s still a few kinks here and there, but I’ve got an idea how to fix them most of them. Most important of all: The final release is progressing. I will publish an update within a week or so with support for Vimeo, YouTube 4000p support and a fix (hopefully) for the 403 errors some users are getting. This should be the final release where it’s necessary to update the application in order to support a new service. Hereafter, the services should be automatically downloaded as plugins. Apart from that, I finally got my Apple Developer ID, so the Mac version is now properly signed. There was probably a fair deal of users who gave up on the application because of the stricter security in the newer Mac OS versions – although Apple could have chosen a more descriptive error message than “The application is damaged” when encountering an application not satisfying the current security settings. But hey, that don’t force developers to get a Developer ID, does it?

A few screenshots:

Vimeo media view.
Vimeo media view. The huge thumbnail is actually a bug, but I kinda like it – perhaps something in between?

Searching YouTube and Vimeo at the same time
Searching YouTube and Vimeo at the same time. The button to the right of the address bar allows you to select which services are searched.

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Thanks to Pascal Debuisson in the LinkedIn Qt discussion group who pointed out a fix to the Qt 4.8.x rendering performance issue on Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks). This means that I don’t have to wait for fixes on the current Qt version. One thing missing in the older version is baked on JSON parsing support, so I’ll have to find a solution to that – either go the XML way, use the QtScript engine, or use the Boost lib as I did previously. None the less, this is a minor issue.

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Beta version launch

I launched the first Tubulator 2 beta version little more than a week ago, and it has actually been going great. The software has gotten a fair deal of interest despite no marketing from my side, and that of course makes me happy. It also puts more pressure on me, because of course I want to live up to the expectations, as well as satisfy my own ambitions and my own professional pride.

I was a bit nervous about publishing the Mac version of the software because of the known bugs mentioned in the README document that ships with the software. The bugs are caused by the underlying cross platform framework Qt, and I had the choice between delaying the Mac release until the bugs has been fixed by the Qt developers, or releasing despite it. Fortunately, people seem to be understanding, this being a beta release after all. Perhaps it should be an alpha release, but that’s going into details ;-)

The last couple of days I’ve rewritten code to support an earlier version of the Qt framework whish does not have the problems the current version has. Much to my dismay though, I discovered that the older version has severe performance issues in terms of graphics rendering on Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks). So I guess my only choice is to wait until the issues has been fixed. I have tried my best to make the Qt developers aware of the problems, and one of the issues has already been fixed. Fingers crossed.

My guess is that I will be able to release a second beta in about a month. Hopefully this will have many of the stability problems fixed as well, plus support for Vimeo and DailyMotion. It’s relatively easy to add support for downloading video and audio; it’s the browsing part that’s “hard”. Also the second beta will hopefully contain some translations. Currently Swedish, Russian, German, Romanian, Korean and Danish are in the works. If you have the skills and time to translate into your own language, I would love to hear from you. I can offer a Tubulator 2 license or two, plus of course mention you in the “About…” window.

Peace out!

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