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A slight update

Perhaps you’re looking at this, wondering whether Tubulator is still being supported and actively maintained.

It is.

I am currently working on revamping the networking code for better performance and for supporting more services. Expect an update soon, which will be followed by fixing the DailyMotion support, as well as implementing plugins for my TODO list of services. Also, I finally got around starting on the documentation.

Stay tuned.

YouTube API V3

Tubulator v. 1.0.7 has been upgraded to support version 3 of the YouTube API. The previous versions was built on YouTube API version 2, and I purposely delayed the transition as long as possible, unfortunately a bit TOO long – some of you may have noticed that YouTube was testing outages on the API, and ultimately turned off results for a couple of days.

The reason for my reluctance to upgrade sooner is very simple: YouTube API V3 is slow to use in the sense that it takes several requests to get the same data compared to the older API. An good example is fetching a user’s list of uploads. In the old version this required one request. In V3 it requires THREE requests: First we need to fetch the available lists. That’s one request. Then we fetch the actual list. Two requests. However, the data we get from this list is not detailed enough, so we need to compose an ADDITIONAL request in order to get the details we need.

Needless to say, this is a much slower and more cumbersome approach. Not sure why the YouTube tech guys would design an API that requires more requests and ultimately more bandwidth to get the same data as before.

I’m not happy about this, but we have no choice. Rest in peace, YouTube API V2.

// Jan

Version 1.0.6 ready for download

Another pile of bugs squished. Merry Christmas!

Mac OS versions: Problem with strict security settings fixed

New users who downloaded and tried to run one of the Mac OS versions may recently have been presented with a system dialog telling that the application could not be opened. The problem has been fixed now.

The problem was due to a conflict between new code signing requirements on Mac OS 10.9.5+ and the current version of the Qt framework not adhering to those requirements by default (yet).

DailyMotion plugin published

I finally got around finishing the plugin, which is automatically downloaded the next time you start Tubulator 2. The plugin supports full HD videos and audio download.

A current limitation is that only the first page is shown when searching by keywords due to an inconsistence in the API. I will compensate for that in the next application release.


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