Version 1.1.0 preview for Mac

A 1.1.0 preview is available for download at

The Windows version is done as such, but packaging apps on Windows is a royal pain. That’s what I’m currently dealing with.

Almost There

Windows installer is done. For the time being you’ll have to suffice with a 32 bit version, since the 64 OpenSSL libraries are not as easy to integrate as I imagined. A few more minor windows issues to be fixed, but then I’ll be happy to release it. Since I have no experience code signing Windows apps (yet), this will be an unsigned release – you know, the kind that says the application is from an unknown developer.

On the Mac side, I just received my renewed Apple Developer Program approval today, and this time in the company’s name. The old certificate expired earlier this year, so no way around it.
Good times, even though the experience was a bit uphill. Apple don’t fool around.
I hope to have a code signed version ready for release within a couple of days from now.

Both Mac and Windows versions functional

The Windows version now works after some adjustments here and there – including some cosmetic improvements. The Windows version was always the Mac version’s uglier cousin, and I think I’ve improved on that to a certain extent.
An upgraded Windows installer and a few fixes still needs to be done, but once that’s done, I’ll publish preview versions for both platforms.

Getting close!

A slight update. I have distributed a preview of the Mac version to a couple of users for testing. So far I haven’t heard of any issues, and I haven’t experienced any myself either. I am currently working on getting the Windows version ready as well.

Almost there.


So, work still in progress, ironing out a few issues. Hoping to get a packaged Mac version out in a week or so. Sorry about the delay, but life and bread-and-butter work sometimes gets in the way.

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