Downloading media from virtually any website

I am experimenting with downloading media from websites via a generic plugin. This opens up for downloading media from literally thousands of websites, thanks to the recent integration with youtube-dl. There will be no browsing available via the generic plugin, though – only for the relatively small (but soon to be growing) number of websites currently supported.

Below: Download from TikTok and Instagram as examples. As there will never be any related media for the generically supported websites, it’s probably better to get rid of the Related tab and give the image a bit more space.

Experimental download from TikTok
Experimental download from Instagram
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macOS notarization woes

It seems like there has been a setback in terms of notarizing the app for macOS 10.14.6 and beyond. It worked, and now it doesn’t.

Therefore: In order to run the current version on macOS 10.14.6+, please follow the instructions in a previous post.

The investigation is ongoing. Sigh.

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Windows version is now code signed

I FINALLY got around getting a code signing certificate for the Windows version. You will no longer see the “Unknown Published” warning. From now on, you should see “Verified Publisher: Faroe Software Company Limited”.

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Mac version is now notarized by Apple

This fixes the problem mentioned in the post macOS 10.14.6 Mojave specific issue. You will no longer get a scary message in 10.14.6 (or Catalina) when opening the app for the first time a new version has been downloaded.

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Windows version available again!

A Windows version is again available for download. It has not yet been code signed, which means that you’ll probably get a (rightfully) paranoid warning from Windows SmartScreen when trying to run the installer.

Clicking on “More Info” will let you run the installer.

I’ll get the signing and verification done as soon as I have an overview of the process.

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