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Version 1.0.6 ready for download

Another pile of bugs squished. Merry Christmas!

Mac OS versions: Problem with strict security settings fixed

New users who downloaded and tried to run one of the Mac OS versions may recently have been presented with a system dialog telling that the application could not be opened. The problem has been fixed now.

The problem was due to a conflict between new code signing requirements on Mac OS 10.9.5+ and the current version of the Qt framework not adhering to those requirements by default (yet).

DailyMotion plugin published

I finally got around finishing the plugin, which is automatically downloaded the next time you start Tubulator 2. The plugin supports full HD videos and audio download.

A current limitation is that only the first page is shown when searching by keywords due to an inconsistence in the API. I will compensate for that in the next application release.


Version 1.0.4 released

As promised, version 1.0.4 is fresh out of the press. This release is a strongly recommended update, as it fixes some annoying stability issues.

Version 1.0.4 approaching

… and I believe this will be the last point release before version 1.1. There’s been a lot of bugs to kill, and with the help of enthusiastic users I’m confident this release will be the most stable version yet. Tubulator is turning into a rather complicated beast, and improvement is only possible with the help of you guys sending error reports and suggestions.

Two of the nicest features in the coming release is the possibility of setting the order of the search result tabs by dragging them, so for example YouTube results will always appear first. Another one is notifications when the download queue is done. Brad Smith suggested both of these – thanks, Brad! If you have suggestions, don’t hesitate using the Contact tab at the Support page, or use the in-app Feedback menu.

I’ve set up an alternative to PayPal on the Purchase page for those of you who are not that fond of PayPal. The choice fell on Kagi, who has been handling payments for shareware software since forever.

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