Wrong Windows version!

It seems like I accidentally linked to Tubulator Windows version 1.1.0 instead of 1.1.2 in the download script, when I updated to the new Amazon S3 URL format. Sorry about the inconvenience! A user kindly made me aware of the problem – thanks for that, Søren!

The problem has been fixed.

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Sparkle updates

From the next version, Sparkle updates will be supported. Although you may not know the name, you’ve probably seen it working its magic in several macOS apps: A dialog tells you a new version is available, you say yes to update, a new version is downloaded and installed automatically, the application relaunches in the new version. So much easier than downloading and installing new versions manually.

There’s a port for Windows as well. I hope it works just as smooth as the macOS version.

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I made a boo-boo

Once again I made a mistake when uploading the Mac version of the download helper file. I just updated to a working version – it will be available once you start Tubulator the next time.

Apologies about the mess. And remember – I’m just one guy, and the sooner you report at problem, the sooner I can get it fixed.
Don’t be a stranger.

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How to download any video?

I’m experimenting with downloading media from websites via a generic plugin. This opens up for downloading media from practically any website with public videos, thanks to the recent integration with youtube-dl. There will be no browsing available via the generic plugin, though – only for the relatively small (but soon to be growing) number of websites currently supported.

Below: Download from TikTok and Instagram as examples. As there will (probably) never be any related media for the generically supported websites, it’s perhaps better to get rid of the Related tab and give the image a bit more space.

Instagram video
Tiktok video
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macOS notarization issues fixed

Fixed the notarization issues for macOS 10.14.6 Mojave and 10.15 Catalina. These OS versions would previously claim that the app could not be verified by Apple.

Sorry about the inconvenience. I had to resort to Apple Developer Support for this one, and it did take longer than expected.

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