It’s alive

If you’ve used Tubulator within the last month or so, you’ve probably ended up disappointed. Most notably, downloading from Youtube does not work due to changes in its format, and other services needs some love as well.

I decided to make some changes in the way that the application resolves the downloadable media URLs. In particular, the coming version will rely on a third party helper binary, which does its job extremely well. That will allow me to focus on the many features I’ve been wanting to implement, as well as the features you guys has been asking for.

Currently the download functionality works in my development version, and I’ve just finished the feature to automatically download/update the 3rd party helper binary. After this, I need to do some more testing and finishing touches, as well as upgrade the application to use a more recent version of Qt on Windows. This is already done in the Mac version. Also, I’m quite certain that from this release and onward there will no longer be a 32 bit version.

One to two weeks should take me to a point where I can publish the new versions with confidence. Please stay patient.

Cheers, Jan / The Tubulator guy

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